Lansing Neurosurgery Welcomes Dr. Omar Qahwash, D.O.

Lansing Neurosurgery, a Division of Compass Health, is proud to announce that Dr. Omar Qahwash, D.O., has joined the practice. Dr. Qahwash brings extensive experience as a neurosurgeon. He has studied under world renowned experts in the field of flow-assisted aneurysm and cerebral bypass surgery, and has extensive experience caring for patients with acute cerebral ischemia.

Dr. Qahwash specializes in Vascular Neurosurgery including hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. He is one of few sub-specialized Neurosurgeons in the state of Michigan with dual fellowship training in Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery.

Dr. Qahwash is taking new patients at Lansing Neurosurgery Associates. To make an appointment with Dr. Qahwash, call the office at (517) 827-1800.

Local MD's explain Glioblastoma, aggressive type of Brain Cancer

News of Senator John McCain’s cancer diagnosis shocked the world last week.
The former prisoner of war and Republican presidential nominee has an aggressive brain cancer called, Glioblastoma.
Glioblastoma, or more commonly known as GBM, is a type of brain cancer that doctors say is not only aggressive, but can spread quickly.
While Sen. McCain’s doctors say he’s exploring future treatment options, his diagnosis prompted 6-News to take a closer look at the type of brain cancer that affects thousands of Americans.