Lansing Neurosurgery Launches New Website

January 10th, 2011 -- Lansing Neurosurgery of Lansing, MI has launched its new website. As a Centis Health Partner, Lansing Neurosurgery is the premiere provider of neurosurgical services in the Mid-Michigan region. Comprised of Michigan neurosurgeons with expertise in brain and spine surgery, Lansing Neurosurgery is among the finest surgical groups for brain and spinal disorders.

Providing patients with exceptional care is one of the primary goals of Lansing Neurosurgery, a quality of the organization that is clearly exemplified on the new site. The newly launched site is easy to navigate site and is extremely patient friendly. The Lansing Neurosurgery site is an accessible tool designed to provide information and answer patients’ questions on all conditions brain, spine, and nerve related.
With site topics ranging from brain tumors and head trauma, to carpal tunnel syndrome, to back pain, neck pain, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, degenerative spinal disorders and much more, Lansing Neurosurgery takes the time to clearly explain and define each of the various conditions in a language that patients are able to understand.
Conveniently located in East Lansing, Michigan, Lansing Neurosurgery is the optimal center for brain, spine and nerve surgery, providing a full range of state of the art surgical procedures. As explained in the site, Lansing Neurosurgery offers treatment options to patients of the most routine procedure to complex corrective or reconstructive surgical techniques. Craniotomies, spine fusion, spinal laminectomy and minimally invasive spinal surgery are just a few of the brain, spine and nerve surgery services provided by Lansing Neurosurgery.
Whether you are looking for one of Lansing Neurosurgery’s board-certified physicians or are interested in a service or surgical procedure, Lansing Neurosurgery offers expert care in spine and brain disorders.