"Dr. Timothy Heilman is the BEST OF THE BEST in Lansing/East Lansing. I would and will refer him to any & everyone I can! He has a skilled hand! Great experience! Thanks Lansing Neurosurgery!"

"Marian and I can't express enough the wonderful care starting with the ER unit at Sparrow to the 10th floor Neurology Unit [12 day stay], and Dr. Heilman's great work in removing a massive brain tumor behind Marian's eye. Great team on every level and Compass Health as a follow-up with radiation treatment, we again found ourselves surrounded by a compassionate, professional staff that really cares for the people they treat. Our family thanks you Dr. Heilman and all of your staff and colleagues that have touched our lives so profoundly."S

"This place was wonderful! Very caring and extremely helpful. Dr. Bill is a great surgeon and nailed my back surgery with no issues. I highly recommend him and the whole staff."

"Words can't express how incredibly grateful we are to Dr. Abood, Heilman and the whole group at Lansing Neurosurgery. They saved my sons life! We recommend them to any and every person who needs expert care."

"The physicians and staff at Lansing Neurosurgery provided professional and compassionate care and answered all of the questions we had about my surgery and the other treatment options available for my condition. You did everything right!"

"I would rate Lansing Neurosurgery a 10 out of 10. I would highly recommend the staff to my family and friends."

"I cannot thank the surgeons of Lansing Neurosurgery enough for their expertise, care and concern. The staff is awesome!"

"The staff was very efficient and always answered our questions and kept me informed as to what was happening and what I could expect next. Thank you!"

"The physicians and staff were excellent in both written and verbal communication with a large dose of "personal touch". Very supportive personalized treatment. I really felt as if I was a partner in my care."

"I was extremely apprehensive about my surgery but everything was explained professionally and friendly both in and outside the office setting."

"I had been living with pain for over four years and finally decided to make an appointment. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. The surgeons explained why I had pain and what could be done to relieve it. They did not pressure me to have surgery, they gave me choices. I choice surgery and I am glad I did. Before surgery I was not able to walk 50 yards, now I am running 10K races. Thank you Lansing Neurosurgery!"

"My injury was one of the worst things to happen to me and my family. Lansing Neurosurgery was the best part of all of it even with the surgery. You cared! You helped! You listened! You guys are awesome!"

"The surgeons of Lansing Neurosurgery took away all the pain, tingling and numbness I had in my arms and shoulders. The results of the surgery were far more than I expected. You all are wonderful in every way a person could ask for."